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Profiling Dynamics™

This is the Main Screen for our Profiling Dynamics™ system.

This screen is where the operator will spend the most time.

This is the Profile Creation Screen for our Profiling Dynamics™ system.

This screen is for trying out different profile settings and to aid in visually creating or modifying a profile.

This is the Main Configuration Screen for our Profiling Dynamics™ system.

This is one of many configuration screens you will use to optimizing the software to your coffee roaster’s capabilities.

This is the Tuning, Printing, Maintenance, Status, and Additional Information Screen for our Profiling Dynamics™ system.

This area is for configuration settings and/or for providing the operator with information.

RealTime Coffee Roast Management Systems


Profiling Dynamics™  is a real time coffee roast profiling and data logging system allowing all the control you need and want for even your most subtle roast characteristics.

The Profiling Dynamics™ system utilizes dynamic profile curve technology that seamlessly adjusts your roasting profile for current roaster conditions. The profile curve is generated based on your desired time-temperature points and curve shape. You enter two time-temperature points that you desire to reach during the roast, and you define the shape of the curve. The system does the rest to reproduce your desired profile.  The system incorporates the values you defined along with actual real time data from the roast to create an optimized profile curve for that particular roast.

The end result is that you produce repeatable consistent roasts time after time. Real time temperature values are plotted on the graph in 1 second intervals giving instant visual indication of how well the roast is tracking compared to the desired profile curve.

The base software has a main operator interface tab where your daily operation will take place:

  1. BulletLoading profiles

  2. BulletStarting the roaster

  3. BulletStarting the roast

  4. BulletReal time graphing

There are addition screens that allow the system to be fine tuned for your roaster set up:

  1. BulletAlarms

  2. BulletDefining preheats based on roast weight

  3. BulletMulti stage PID settings

  4. BulletReports including Daily logs, Daily maintenance, and Individual roast print outs

You can either let the system fully control the burner output during the roast, or manually take control if you desire.

There is a Profile Creation function that will help you visualize what the profile curve will look like based on the profile parameters you enter.  This is helpful in the beginning to allow you to better understand how to define the curve shape for the profile.

There are two versions of our base system-- Retail and Industrial. All systems start with a slant face operator console with industrial Windows OS pc and panel mounted touch screen monitor.  Base systems:

  1. BulletControl motor on/off functions

  2. BulletRead two RTD style probes (Bean and Environment)

  3. BulletControl burner ignition and gas modulation

Both the Retail and the Industrial systems have manual override switches that allow control to be either Automatic, Off or Manual for control of the motors, burner and optional components.

Options can be added to control:

  1. BulletDoor/hopper open/close functions,

  2. BulletOxidizer control,

  3. BulletOxidizer temperature monitoring/graphing/logging

  4. BulletVisual light/alarm indicators can be added.

The Profiling Dynamics™ system is fully customizable.  Both software and hardware, can be fitted to your special needs. Various inputs and outputs can be added to allow for additional state monitoring of components as well as additional control.

Please contact us about your specific needs so we can work together to fully customize a Profiling Dynamics™ system to meet your requirements.

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